Boston Bruins – Goalie Preview

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Sep 3rd, 2015

Tuukka Rask

Boston Bruins – Goalie Preview


The team has changed quite drastically and it could be safe to say not for the best. They changed their offence, defence but the one thing that has not changed and that is the rock in net that is Tuukka Rask. He had a tough year for his standards but many aren’t expecting a repeat season.


Last year


The big bad bruins had a tough year last year and Tuukka Rask is no exemption to this. The reigning Vezina trophy winner had a season he and bruins fans want to forget. A lot of bad goals, a lot of leads given up and many shaky starts may have cost the bruins a playoff spot on the very last day of the season.


Rask was the talk of the town from his lack of play and many times was on the wrong end of the highlight packages.


It was tough year for all the bruins but Rask especially.




It might be a stretch to say that the Bruins will make the playoffs. They traded away Dougie Hamilton and Milan Lucic so the team lost a big chunk of their chemistry and got a lot younger. Looking right now, the team doesn’t seem to be a playoff team, tough luck for Rask.


The lose of Hamilton will be huge for Rask. He lost a stud defenseman, and the other is getting to old… sorry Zdeno Chara. After that the d-core consists of some lower name talents and ones focused primarily on offense… speaking of Torey Krug. This could be a very big weakness for Boston is the defense has troubles helping out Rask and possibly Subban.


If Rask can put last season behind him he should do fine, but that is easier said then done. A tough start out of the gate could happen if Rask keeps living in the past. He has to learn to forget about bad goals and keep looking forward, something he did great in his Vezina year but not anywhere near acceptable last year.




The Bruins will be tight pressed to make the playoffs, but f they do it will be because of goaltending, more importantly focusing on Rask. He is vezina winner, a Stanley Cup champ and just about won a second against Chicago. Rask is an elite goalie who should have a bounce back year.


Expect to see numbers that are accustomed to Rask, expect to see him steal games for the team, but also near the end of the season don’t be surprised if he tires out. He will be asked to play around 70 games if the team even wants a chance to win a wild card spot.


Rask will be rask a top NHL goalie, it will be up to his teamamates just how good his numbers can be and how great the numbers for the team can be.



Malcom Subban will be given a chance to take the backup role fighting the likes of Jeremy Smith. The younger brother of P.K. Subban is a top goalie propsect in the league and should finally see regular back up minutes as he tries to keep a spot in the NHL.


If the bruins want to make the playoffs Rask will have to put Carey Price numbers on the board and just hope he did just enough to squeeze in.

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