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By Greg Komarnicky
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Oct 7th, 2014

DC features many amazing superheroes, but how do they translate to hockey? and who would pick them when in the draft? For this edition of the Ultimate Fantasy Draft, I will be looking at the heroes of DC Comics.

In the Ultimate Fantasy Draft series I will draft for NHL teams characters from books, movies, TV shows etc, or even people from historic events. I will draft according to team needs, or for sarcasm’s sake, with the odd joke or reference from the show/movie/book/whatever. To keep things easy the Robins, Green Lanterns and Flashes etc. are grouped together. You can check out the last edition of the Ultimate Fantasy Draft – Marvel – The Good here.


1. Buffalo Sabres – Superman


Superman is the obvious choice for 1st overall. What can’t he do? Super speed, super strength, heat vision that he can use to stop opponents in their tracks, or freeze breath for some extra ice. On top of all his powers he also is a born leader and has the personality to inspire. A team like the Sabres need their own superman so taking him 1st overall is an easy choice.



2. Florida Panthers – Batman


With all of their recent high picks, Florida now has a solid core of young guns ready for action, however they are still missing one piece to the puzzle. The Panthers need a player who is the glue in between. Sure he may not be the most talented player in the draft, but his sense and intelligence is above and beyond. Batman can be the puzzle piece that will make the whole picture be seen.



3. Edmonton Oilers – The Flash


We’ve seen how well speed can help in hockey, so why not the fastest man alive? The Flash’s speed going along with the talent they already have is a scary thought. No one can catch up to him and his breakaways are legendary. The opposition’s defence are going to be spinning on the ice as he passes by him.




4. Calgary Flames – Martian Manhunter


I’d like to see you try to check a man who can phase right through you. Martian Manhunter is the perfect defenseman. Hard to pull a move on a man who can read your mind and see what you’re about to do. See that guy who looks like your teammate? Maybe take a look around first before you try to pass the puck to him. It may be the Martian Manhunter disguised as your teammate.



5. New York Islanders – Green Lantern


It sure it hard to score when the goalie can have a glove that is any size he can imagine. Or how about an actual brick wall covering the net? Halak may become a backup with the addition of this player. He can give poke-checking to a whole new meaning when his hockey stick created by his ring reaches out to the other end of the rink.



6. Vancouver Canucks – Wonder Woman


Another goaltender addition for the Canucks this year. Wonder Woman’s quick reflexes makes the Cat from the Mighty Ducks look bad. Each puck deflecting off her bracelets can be an issue however. She will have to watch those rebounds. But a good lasso will prevent opponents from beating her defensemen to those rebounds.



7. Carolina Hurricanes – Hawkman


You might want to keep a close eye out for Hawkman. With his wings he can catch you from the air. Hard to get around a guy just above you. Hawkman may not have super strength, but he sure is a strong guy that you cannot take lightly.




8. Toront0 Maple Leafs – Hawkgirl


Like Hawkman, Hawkgirl can be a tough one to avoid. Hawkgirl also provides brute strength and an enforcer attitude. She can lose track of her attitude at times and can be an issue in the locker room.  That being said you will not find someone more passionate for her teammates on the ice and she will always stand up for them.



9. Winnipeg Jets – Cyborg


His name explains what he is, Victor Stone AKA Cyborg has incredible intelligence. Prior to his robotic body, Cyborg lived the life of a football star so his sports attitude remains. With a body mainly made of metal it is hard to injure the man, so he does not fear physicality.




10. Ottawa Senators – Aquaman


Think he can call up any Artic sea creatures for help? Aqua man provides many talents for the Senators. He quite literally was born to lead. The King of Atlantis has many skills with a trident that can be transferred to a hockey stick for the Sens. He will center a young team to a solid future.




11. New Jersey Devils – Dr. Fate


The devils are well known for being wise, intelligent players. With names like Brodeur ending and names like Elias counting down their days, the wise, intelligence is drying up. The addition of Dr. Fate would fix that. Fate is countless millennium old and is arguably one of the most powerful members of the Justice League. Fate being a lord of order will fit in very easily to a system style team that the Devils are.



12. Nashville Predators – Green Arrow


There is no question that the Predators are going for a more offensive team starting this year. Green Arrow is a fantastic addition for the Preds offense. Arrow is well known for his accuracy and intelligence. Arrow is great at working on the fly. Having Arrow as well as Neal firing at the net will provide solid scoring for Nashville.



13. Arizona Coyotes – Vigilante


Speaking of goal scoring, the Yotes sure are missing that with the loss of Vrbata. Gagner provides a solid playmaker, but other than Boedker and an aging Doan, the Coyotes are lacking in the shooting department…till now. Vigilante is a fantastic shot. Known for shooting accurate enough to knock weapons out of the hands of his opponents, shooting on a net will seem easy to him.



14. Washington Capitals – Shazam


Shazam could very well be the steal of the draft for the Caps. Super strength, speed and ability to shoot lightning? Umm sign this guy up! I’d like to see someone try to knock this man down. Many scouts worry about him however. The guy is all heart, but at times he can get carried away. Some say he is too much of a kid and needs an adjustment there.



15. Dallas Stars – Elongated Man


I’d like to see you get by a guy who can stretch his body across the ice. Elongated Man makes a perfect defenseman. His rubbery skin can stretch right across the blueline so there is no avoiding him. He also is a hard one to knock down as your checks shoot you back across the ice like a rubber band.




16. Detroit Red Wings – Ice


Hockey may be a sport where strength is key, but Ice sure is her territory. She easily moves along the ice surface and creates ice of her own to get around opponents. With her control over the ice surface, Ice easily makes it to the opponent net to go for a goal.




17. Columbus Blue Jackets – Zatanna


Zatanna is an underrated player in this draft. She is very skilled to the point that it looks like magic. She even makes the “magic man” himself, Pavel Datsyuk, look silly with her sorcery hands. Some say it’s all cheap tricks but she gets the job done and that’s all the Jackets care about.




18. Philadelphia Flyers – Big Barda


Typical, an enforcer pick for the Flyers. You will not find anyone who loves fighting or brawling more than Big Barda. Her strength rivals most. She can get very carried away at times and that can cost her team as she sits in the box. But she protects her teammates all the time.




19. Minnesota Wild – Wondertwins


With one being the form of water and another as a Polar Bear, I’d love to see anyone else disrupt the offense of the opposition as much as these two. This package provides the Wild with an automatic line on the blueline. This eases pressure off of’ Brodin and Suter and will make the Wild a very scary team.




20. Tampa Bay Lightning – Captain Atom


Super strength and radioactive blasts are what highlight his powers. Captain Atom is well… captain material. This guy will lead the young Lightning to a solid future. He always protects his own and will be there to finish any fight. Atom beside Hedman will make all the blueline additions for the Lightning this offseason almost not needed, or make them that much scary looking. Take your pick.



21. Pittsburgh Penguins – Black Canary


Black Canary is fantastic at reading her opponents and how they plan to strike. She is exactly what the Pens need to finally make another long post season push. They have the skill and defense already, but have lacked the one player who can show them the way. Canary will be able to do that but also has the skill the bring down her opponents. When she does not have the strength for it, she’ll just user her sonic pitch to knock her opponents over.



22. St. Louis Blues – Superboy


Sure, he’s not exactly superman, but he is close enough. Brute strength allows him to take down any opponent. Sure is perfect to go on the PK beside Backes. However he sits low in the draft thanks to his attitude problem. Superboy can cause penalties against his team from being over aggressive. He also does not follow orders from the coach well.



23. Boston Bruins – Power Girl


Flight, super speed and strength. This girl has it all. Power Girl will help the Bruins along the wing after the loss of right winger Jarome Iginla. with her strength and speed she will fit right in alongside Krejci and Marchand.




24. San Jose Sharks – Supergirl


The San Jose Sharks have been called soft by many teams around the NHL and many say this is the reason why they never have a long postseason. They made some additions this offseason already to fix that, including the addition of John Scott, but they have continued that trend by adding Supergirl. The next best for strength, speed and flight in the draft.



25. Anaheim Ducks – Kilowog


The Ducks are very good at making something out of nothing… if you can even call Kilowog that. You will never find a tougher guy in the sport, Kilowog enjoys a good battle. Kilowog isn’t exactly a leader, but he is a good teacher to the inexperienced so he will make a solid assistant captain to Getzlaf. Kilowog on defense will make the Ducks offseason additions scary.



26. Colorado Avalanche – Robin


Sure, he’s no Batman, but don’t count him out. Robin also has very good intelligence and his skills with a staff can be very easily translated to a hockey stick. Robin is very capable of becoming his own player in the future with experience and could even lead his own team someday.




27. Chicago Blackhawks – Booster Gold


Booster Gold, returning from the future for his passion of hockey. This futureman knows all the future tricks to use for his new team. Flight and strength also highlight this man’s powers. He can lose track of himself though as he gets caught up in the fame and fortune. Contract talks will be an issue and a short leash will be needed off the ice.



28. – Montreal Canadiens – Deadman


It sure is hard to shoot on the net when your opponent’s defenseman has possessed you and is now making you pass the puck to his teammate. Deadman is capable of possessing the bodies of those he choose. He also is invisible to the naked eye, so you never see him coming either. A perfect combination for a defenseman.




29. New York Rangers – Phantom Girl


With the power to phase through objects, Phantom Girl is impossible to stop on offense. A quick move to put the puck through your legs, then a phase to go through…you…and boom she shoots and scores. The perfect offense that the Rangers need after all their forward injury troubles this preseason.




30. Los Angeles Kings – Mister Miracle

Mister Mimiracle1racle is capable of anything and everything and no one knows how. This can just seems to pull of the impossible to get around his opponents and score. Nothing can hold him down or keep him at bay. Being able to fly on discs also helps his chances to get to the opposing zone to score. Mister Miracle has the potential to be a real steal in the draft.


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Founder and President of League It To Us. Contact me either through twitter @LITUGregK or email gregk@leagueittous.com for hockey questions, site questions, business questions or anything else that may be on your mind.

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