Stanley Cup Playoffs – First Round Predictions

By Josh Daniels
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Apr 11th, 2012


(1) New York Rangers vs (8) Ottawa Senators


Prediction: NYR in 6 games.


I feel that Ottawa is highly underestimated, they have the lineup to pull of the upset but ultimately i feel that the Rangers are to much. Expect a tight, relatively low scoring series.


(2) Boston Bruins vs (7) Washington Capitals


Prediction: Washington in 7


This is a tough call for me to make, it’s a close matchup. The only issue is if Washington bothers to show up to every game. On paper they can handle Boston, but they have yet to live up to their high expectations in recent years. I feel they will this time around, its make or break.


(3) Florida Panthers vs (6) New Jersey Devils


Prediction: Devils in 5


As much as I enjoy the Panthers team, the Devils out match them. The Panthers will be lucky to steal a game.


(4) Pittsburgh Penguins vs (5) Philadelphia Flyers


Prediction: Pens in 6


The combination of Malkin and Neal is extremely hard to beat. That not including all of the other stars on that team. Philadelphia is simply out skilled man for man, they will make it close though.



(1) Vancouver Canucks vs (8) Los Angeles Kings


Prediction: Kings in 6


A season plagued with injuries has left a lot of question marks around the Vancouver Canucks. I am feeling that Luongo will choke again as usual. The Kings are underrated, they have an amazing lineup that could go shot for shot with the Canucks.


(2) St. Louis Blues vs (7) San Jose Sharks


Prediction: Blues in 5


Recent years have reduced my faith in the Sharks to next to nothing. They have the potential but they don’t seem to be able to win in the playoffs. That’s before they are even stacked up against an amazing Blues squad. The Blues should be able to handle the Sharks with few problems.


(3) Phoenix Coyotes vs (6) Chicago Blackhawks


Prediction: Coyotes in 7


Chicago’s goaltending worries me, they are just way to inconsistent. I think both goalies are terrific but they don’t always play like it. The Coyotes have a good structured team in front of a goalie who is having a breakthrough season. Should be back and forth for the next 2 or so weeks.


(4) Nashville Predators vs (5) Detroit Red Wings


Prediction: Preds in 6


Detroit is always tough but Nashville can match them this year. Plus Nashville has home ice advantage for the series. The toughest part for Nashville will be winning at the Joe; if they can do that then they are set.

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