The Return Understudy

By Josh Daniels
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Mar 16th, 2012

For those of you who have been living under a rock…in a 6 mile deep hole, Crosby has in fact “returned” today for his 2nd time this season. The much awaited return has come…and gone. Crosby played his return on March 15th against the New York Rangers, a big game because Pittsburgh is catching up to the top seed New York Rangers fast. But through all of the long waiting, headlines, commercials etc. on Crosby’s return, Letang in fact returned as well.


On Wednesday February 29th Kris Letang took a check from Eric Nystrom in the head area in the 1st period that had him on the ice for several minutes before he made his way to the locker room, not returning to the game. It wasn’t till later the his “upper body injury” became “concussion like symptoms”. Letang would then miss 5 games with his concussion before returning to play against the New York Rangers on March 15th, only to be overshadowed by the return of Sidney Crosby.


Even in the game, Letang would come out with 1 assist from Dupuis’s goal in the 3rd, 2 shots and a remarkable +5, yet was still over shadowed by Crosby who got an assist on Kunitz’s goal in the 3rd, had 1 shot and +3.


Letang is the clear quarterback for the Pittsburgh blue line having 32 points in 41 games (9 goals, 23 assists) and a +12 for +/-. The next best is the defensive defenseman Paul Martin who has a respectable 23 points in 60 games (1 goal, 22 assists).


Being only 24 years old, Letang will continue to grow and to work on his skills as he develops into the true offensive defenseman he will become. He will look to have full, injury free season next season to get back the 50 points in which he had last season.

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