Deadline Team Countdown – Part 1

By Josh Daniels
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Feb 17th, 2012
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With the Deadline fast approaching, it is time to stop and look at the teams going into the deadline. We will be talking about the team’s needs, assets for trade and trading status. So lets start with the top of the list with Anaheim.


Anaheim Ducks

After a real cruddy start to the season and a coaching change, Anaheim is currently in 13th place in the west. They are 8 points out of the playoffs with only 20 more games (give or take). Beyond their 1st line the Anaheim forwards don’t pose threat and their defense is just weak. I would say that they are as good as out of the playoffs and so will be sellers at this deadline. The Ducks have recently moved Rodney to Edmonton for O’Marra.

Needs: Prospects and picks for Skaters, goalie prospects are fine

Assets For Trading: Selanne, Ryan, Ellis, Koivu, Beauchemin, Visnovsky, Blake, Hagman, Lydman, Brookbank

Deadline Status: Sellers

Boston Bruins

After a little bit of a stanley cup hangover at the beginning of the season the Broston Bruins has been surging and is one of the hottest teams in the NHL. The Bruins are currently 2nd in the east and is only 7 points off 1st place. The Bruins has recently resigned Johhny Boychuk and appear to be looking to resign the other pending UFAs. Though they are in a playoff position they appear to love their team’s strength and chemistry already.

Needs: one more high scoring defenseman

Assets: Spooner, Knight, Hamill, Picks

Deadline Status: Buyers/Hibernation

Buffalo Sabres

Going into this season Buffalo was looking very strong with the signing of Ehrhoff and was in fact one of the cup favorites, however they took a wrong turn and is currently 14th in the east being 10 points out of the playoffs. One of the Buffalo star forwards is having a real rough season. Derek Roy has only 28 points in 55 games for Buffalo this season and so would be a great buy for a team needing a good centerman *cough* Toronto *cough*. Two players have really shined for Buffalo this year however. Pomminville and Vanek has had a great season so far.

Needs: To fix the team chemistry and confidence

Assets: Leino, Roy, Stafford, Gerbe, Boyes, Leopold, Sekera, Weber

Deadline Status: Buyers/Sellers – will do either or to fix they’re chemistry

Calgary Flames

Calgary once again has decided to not blow up the team and to try for the playoffs, very odd in my opinion. The Flames are currently 9th in the west and only 2 points out of the playoffs, but is a team getting older and focused on one forward line and a week blue line. Kipper, and Iginla is once again holding the team together. Reacquiring Cammalleri will be a great help, but will not be enough in the next few seasons and Iginla and Kipper get older and players like Tanguay look towards the ends of their seasons.

Need: Young players, either roster players or prospects

Assets: Butler, Stajan, Jackman, Hannan, Moss, Stempniak

Deadline Status: Buyers according to GM

Carolina Hurricanes

Carolina has also had a weak season, currently last place in the east and is 11 points out of the playoffs. Carolina is a very young team, so it is not surprising that they are out of the playoffs. It is surprising that they are this far out of the playoffs. The concussion that Skinner had most likely factored into that. Look for Carolina to be active to gain young players.

Needs: More strong young players for the lineup

Assets: Pitkanen, Tlusty, Ruutu, Jokinen, Larose, Gleason, Allen, Harrison, Spacek, Boucher

Deadline Status: Sellers

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